AODocs mobile app 3.0 Release notes

Dear AODocs user,

We’re pleased to announce the new version of the AODocs mobile app. We really hope you enjoy it!

With this version, we enriched the document page to introduce additional workflow features and a comments history already available on the AODocs web application.

Someone in your team performed a workflow transition by mistake and the document moved to the inappropriate state? A process is blocked because a key user is out of the office and a parallel transition is waiting for their approval? No problem! As an administrator, with the new AODocs mobile app you can now force workflow states or finalize parallel transitions when you’re in the field, without having to use your laptop!

See the comments history

We added the list of comments to the document page, which can help users better understand the past life of a document.


Access the status of parallel workflow transitions

We introduced a new page showing the status of parallel workflow actions. From this page, any user involved in a transition that requires multiple validators can see the list of people who have already performed the transition, and those who haven’t.


Finalize parallel transitions

When a transition is blocked, administrators can easily identify who is blocking it and then finalize the transition, even if they’re not defined in the list of validators.


Force workflow states

From the document page, administrators can now force the workflow state by moving a document from one state to another without performing a transition.


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Views are ordered as configured on the library administration page
  • When administrators try to access a trashed document, a banner informs them that the document is trashed
  • Non-administrators can no longer access trashed documents from emails

Have a new feature idea or request for the AODocs mobile app? Continue to share your ideas in our community or tell us how you use AODocs and what you’re expecting for the mobile app by filling in this short form!

The AODocs Team

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