AODocs Smartbar V10 Release notes

Dear Smartbar users,

We’re pleased to announce a new version of the Smartbar extension (10.0).

With this release, you can include the email body as a PDF when importing an email into AODocs from Gmail.

Save your Gmail content in an immutable format

When you import emails into AODocs, it is often to archive or share the content in a different context. Before this release, the only way to save the body was to “import the body as a Google Document”. As Google Documents can easily be modified, we added a new option, so you can keep the email body in an immutable format.

When you import your email into AODocs, you can now choose to import the body as a PDF attachment.


Coming soon

In the next release we plan to add an option to save your email attachments as a zip archive.

Launch details

Version 10.0 will be progressively rolling out on 16 January 2019. 

Note about Chrome versions

The Smartbar supports the latest five versions of Google Chrome. So after this release, only Chrome version 66 or above will be supported.

Please note that this means that the extension will no longer update if it is already installed and the Chrome browser version is lower than 66.

Keep in touch!

Have a new feature idea or request for AODocs? Continue to share your ideas in our community.

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  • Good job and good news

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  • Keep it coming great job

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  • Does anyone know if there is a way to make "A PDF Attachment" the default?

    Also what is the .eml for?
    Is there any reason why we would save it?

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  • Hello John
    I think it is not possible to configure .pdf by default but it's a good idea :)

    EML files are essentially emails in the form of files. The easiest way to open them is to use an email client like Outlook Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird. In most new versions of these programs,

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  • Hi John,
    Thanks for your comment. It's not currently possible to make a PDF attachment the default.

    But feel free to create a feature request on our Community pages, then others can vote for it!


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  • Hi John, try using the UFO to open your .eml files. It works seamlessly for me...

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