AODocs Smartbar V15 Release notes

Dear Smartbar users,

We’re pleased to announce a new version of the Smartbar extension (15.0), planned to be rolled out at the end of March 2020.

Better organize your Gmail imports into AODocs

Since release 5.0, you've been able to import emails from Gmail into AODocs using the Smartbar. Until now, if you imported an email into a Team Folder or Secured folder, a new folder was automatically created (named with the email subject) and the email body and its attachments were imported into this folder.

Based on your feedback we added a checkbox, so you can choose whether to create this folder.


Learn more: Select the destination library and folder

Embedded inline images in the email body

Until now, inline images were only embedded in the email body when imported as PDF files.

With this release, all import formats (PDF files, Google documents and the AODocs document description) preserve inline images in the email body. If you still want to import them as separate files, you can select them from the Attachments step in the import pop-up.

We also standardized the style of the header in imported files containing the email body. Email fields (From, To, Cc, Subject, Date), are now displayed in the same way in all imported formats: PDF files, Google documents and the AODocs document description.


Email body imported as a Google document with the new header design and embedded inline images

Learn more: Choose whether to import the email and select a format

Search for your emails imported as EML files

The Smartbar offers the ability to import your emails as EML files. These files contain the original email in Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) format, often used to archive emails.

From release 15.0, any new email imported in this format will be indexed. This will make it easier if you subsequently need to search for your archived email in Google Drive or in AODocs.

Indexed fields are the email subject, the sender, the recipients (To and Cc fields), attachment names and the email body.


Learn more: Choose whether to import the email and select a format

Identify when you’re working in an AODocs library in Google Drive

When you’re in Google Drive, the Smartbar adds buttons to let you perform some AODocs features. However, depending on your permissions, new buttons aren't always added by the Smartbar and it may be difficult to see that you’re in an AODocs library.

We added a visual label to easily identify which type of library you're working in. Press the label to open a panel with information about your library.


Direct access to the pending workflow transition

One of the main goals of the Smartbar is to avoid you having to switch between the AODocs interface and Google Drive.

For this reason, we want to show you when there is a pending workflow action and encourage you to perform workflow actions from the Google editor.

When there is a pending workflow transition in a document, a red dot now appears on the Show/Edit properties icon. It disappears when you've performed the workflow action.


Learn more: Display and edit properties and workflows

Easily use AODocs features from Google Drive

To avoid you having to switch between AODocs and Google Drive, the Smartbar lets you access some of the most frequently used AODocs features directly from Google Drive. We know this isn't always intuitive and we want to help you use these features, first by updating their design and then (in future releases) by making it quicker to access them.

In this release we improved the design of the following screens:

  • the list of pending workflow actions and the workflow transition screens where you can now easily see the documents that are waiting for a transition


  • the document card where properties and information are more legible


Launch details

Version 15.0 will be progressively rolling out at the end of March 2020.

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