Access an AODocs library as an external user

If you're reading this document, it's because an AODocs user (in this article, "your collaborator") has shared an AODocs library with you so you can work together.

AODocs brings enterprise-grade document management features to your Google Drive. AODocs enables you to access a library shared with you by an AODocs user.

This article describes how to access your collaborator's library.

Note: In our example:
– your collaborator, the administrator of the AODocs library, is Bob:
– you are an external user with the email address, who doesn’t have an AODocs account and wants to access Bob's library

Sign in to your Google Account
Open your collaborator's library
Browse and collaborate in your collaborator's library


You must have one of the following:

  • a Google Workspace account (provided by your employer) such as <username>
  • a free consumer account such as <username>
  • a free consumer account associated with your professional email address such as <username>

Create your Google Account

Sign in to your Google Account

Sign in to your Google Account (one of the accounts mentioned above).

Open your collaborator's library

To access your collaborator’s library, you must have received a notification by email.

Below is an example of email notification, sent by your collaborator. 


To access the AODocs library, follow the link in the email notification. AODocs checks your identity by asking you to accept the permissions required to access AODocs library homepage.

When you agree to the AODocs permissions, your collaborator’s library opens in AODocs.

You can now access AODocs using your Google Account (in our example, in your collaborator’s domain (in our example,

image02.pngAccessing your collaborator’s AODocs library

Note: If you can't access the library, contact your collaborator. They may have forgotten to add you to the library access permissions. Learn more: Share your library with external users.

Browse and collaborate in your collaborator's library

As an external user in your collaborators library, you can:

  • browse the library 
  • view, create and upload documents, depending on the library security settings set by your collaborator – learn more: Add files and folders as an external user
    Note: Any documents you add are visible to all members of the library.

image03.pngDocument created by an external user in an AODocs library.

Learn more about how to use AODocs: AODocs user interface.

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