Browse your libraries

You can browse your libraries on the AODocs homepage.

Tip: To refine your selection, you can combine any of the features for browsing libraries.

 Switch between toggle and grid view
 Search for libraries using keywords
 Display your favorite libraries
 Filter libraries by type
 Display libraries in which you have pending workflow tasks
 Sort your list of libraries
 Select libraries for display using labels

Switch between toggle and grid view

There are two views of libraries in AODocs. The default is the grid view:


To switch to the list view, use the Grid view / List view toggle. The list view is shown below.


To open a library, press its name. Learn more: Access your libraries.

Search for libraries using keywords

Enter part or all of the name of a library in the Search field.


The list of libraries displayed is filtered according to the text you entered. The search is case insensitive and matches partial keywords. The result list is updated immediately as you type your keywords.

Note: Unless you are a super administrator of your domain, you can see only the libraries to which you have access.

Display your favorite libraries

To display all your favorite libraries, press the star filter in the right panel.

– Press the star on a library card to tag/untag the library as a favorite. 
– Press Reset filters to remove the filter.


Filter libraries by type

You can filter the libraries displayed on your AODocs homepage by type.

By default, all library types are displayed. Use the filter buttons to display Team Folders, Secured Folders and/or Document Management libraries.

Tip: Press Reset filters to remove the filter.


Display libraries in which you have pending workflow tasks 

To display libraries in which you have pending workflow tasks, press the workflow tasks filter in the right panel.

Tip: The number of pending tasks for a library is shown on its library card. Press the pending tasks button on the library card to access your list of pending tasks for that library.


Sort your list of libraries 

You can sort your list of libraries in alphabetical order or in order of the last time you accessed them.


Select libraries for display using labels

Libraries can be tagged with labels, which allow you to select libraries for display on your homepage.

– Only super administrators can create new labels. Learn more: Manage your library labels.
– Only library administrators can apply labels to a library. Learn more: Apply labels to libraries.

Select a label in the left panel to display all the libraries you can access that are tagged with this label.

Tip: Press All libraries to deselect the label. This doesn't remove any filters that you have applied.


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