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AODocs gives you the opportunity to create a library from an existing one. Using this feature will enable you to keep all the settings configured on the existing library, such as document classes or workflow configuration.

Note: When copying a library, only the library configuration is copied. The library documents and permissions are removed.

To copy a library, click on “CREATE” (1) from the AODocs homepage.

Creating a new AODocs library

In the “CREATE” tab, the left panel offers three options to create a library:

  • Copy an existing library (2).
  • Create your library from scratch (3): three types of blank libraries are available.

Learn more here: Create my first Team Folder library

Learn more here: Create my first Secured Folder library

Learn more here: Create my first Document Management library

  • Create a library from a template (4).

Learn more here: Create a library from a template

Choosing a way to create your library

Select “Copy library” to create a new library by copying an existing one (5).

Creating a new library by copying an existing one

A pop-up appears and AODocs asks you to enter the name of your new library (6).

Note: The library name can contain any kind of character (including special characters) but the library name must be unique (two libraries can not have the same name).

AODocs will then ask you to select a library to copy, among the existing ones (7) and also a storage account for your new library (8).

If you have only one storage account configured on your domain, it is selected by default.

If several storage accounts have been configured, select the storage account you want to assign to this library from the list of available storage accounts.

Learn more here: The AODocs storage account

Click on "Create Library" (9) to create your new copied library.

Naming your library - Choosing the existing library to copy - Associating your library to a storage account

The existing library is now copied and your new library created. You are directly directed to the Drive user interface if you have chosen a Team Folder or Secured Folder library. 

Opening your newly created library in Drive

Note: For large Team folder or Secured folder libraries, there might be a propagation time to see the library in Drive. If the creation process takes too long, the system might display a message informing you that you are not able to see your new library on Google Drive for the moment. (10)

You can still open your Team Folder library in AODocs by clicking on “Open in AODOCS” (11) .

Opening your newly created library in AODocs

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