Install AODocs


To install AODocs, you must:

Install AODocs

1. As a G Suite super administrator, access the AODocs website ( and press Start free trial.

2. Fill in the form and press Start free trial.


3. You are redirected to the AODocs welcome page where you need to authenticate with your G Suite super administrator account, so we can verify that you are authorized to install AODocs. Press Sign in with Google.


4. If you are prompted to select a Google Account, select your G Suite Super Administrator account.


5. Press Allow to grant the required permissions.


Note: This step is to verify if you are entitled to installed AODocs on your G Suite domain.

6. The AODocs Marketplace App installation on your G Suite domain opens. Press Integrate with Google.


7. The screen below appears. Review the permissions required, select the G Suite organizational unit where you want to install AODocs and press Accept to accept the terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  

Learn more about the access required at the G Suite domain level: Grant data access on your domain.


Important: You can install AODocs on a specific organizational unit of your G Suite domain. If you do this, make sure you activate AODocs on an organizational unit where:
the storage account is located
- the default G Suite super administrator is located
If you don't respect these requirements, you won't be able to install AODocs.

8. We advise you disable notifications to your end-users.


6. Press Launch app.


9. Another page opens. Choose an account to be the first AODocs storage account. You can:

  • create a new Google account
  • use an existing Google account


Important: This step is critical for the installation of AODocs. Review this article for additional information: The AODocs storage account. We recommend that you assign a dedicated account as a storage account used only for this purpose.

You receive a confirmation message if you decided to create a new storage account. By default storage accounts are named


10. Once your storage account is set up, you are redirected to the AODocs Smartbar Google Chrome extension installation. Press Install to proceed.


Note: This installation is only for the current user. It will not deploy the AODocs Smartbar to all users on your G Suite domain. To deploy the Smartbar domain wide, follow these instructions: Deploy AODocs Smartbar on your domain.

11. The last step of the installation process guides you to the creation of your first AODocs library.


Congratulations! You have installed AODocs!

To find out what to do next, read this article: AODocs is installed, what's next?

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