AODocs is installed, what's next?

You have successfully installed AODocs. This document lists the main steps required to fully benefit from AODocs features.

1. Deploy the AODocs Smartbar to your domain: get the AODocs features in Google Drive and Gmail

2. Deploy the AODocs Universal File Opener to your domain: open any file locally on your computer 

3. Redirect permission requests to library administrators: receive document sharing requests as a library administrator.

4. Manage AODocs super administrators: delegate the administration of the AODocs domain.

5. Manage library creators: delegate the creation of libraries.

6. Manage permissions with Google Groups: optimize settings such as permissions, roles, workflow validation and notification emails.

7. Allowlist external users: give access to external users.

Note: Most of these actions require Google Workspace super admin or AODocs super administrator privileges.

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