What are AODocs instances?

An AODocs instance defines the physical location of your AODocs infrastructure. It defines where the AODocs software runs and where your organization's data such as document properties, workflow information, audit logs, and so on, is processed and stored.

You may need to select your instance when you sign in to AODocs.

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What are the different AODocs instances?

Your AODocs infrastructure can be installed as a:

  • public instance – AODocs offers the choice of a multi-tenant US instance or a multi-tenant EU instance to all customers
  • dedicated instance – your organization can have a dedicated instance of AODocs, managed by AODocs but used only by your organization

All AODocs instances can accommodate multiple Google domains and Microsoft 365 tenants. 


Where are the physical locations of the AODocs instances?

If you use the US instance, your AODocs infrastructure is hosted in multiple locations, in particular (but not exclusively) the Google Cloud Platform data center region us-central1, which is located in Iowa in the USA.
Learn more from Google's documentation (Americas).

If you use the EU instance, your AODocs infrastructure is hosted in the Google Cloud Platform data center region europe-west3, which is located in the Frankfurt area in Germany.
Learn more from Google's documentation (Europe)

Important: When using the EU instance, some processing of your personal data may be transferred outside the EU. For example, a limited amount of personal data (email address, first name and last name) used during the user authentication flow for Google users and Microsoft users is handled by Google's identity management infrastructure – learn more: Using OAuith 2.0 for Web Server Applications.

If you use a dedicated instance, your AODocs infrastructure can be hosted in a variety of locations, according to the needs and constraints of your organization. If you're interested in setting up a dedicated instance, contact your sales representative or send and email to sales@aodocs.com

Find out which AODocs instance you're using

When your organization installs AODocs, your administrators choose which AODocs regional instance to use. All other applications must use the same instance.

For applications that users access in their web browser, two URLs are provided, and users must use the URL corresponding to the same instance as their AODocs installation.

For applications that users don't access in their web browser, such as the Gmail add-on or the AODocs Mobile app, individual users must select the correct instance when they access applications for the first time. 

To find out which instance of AODocs your organization uses, access AODocs in your web browser. If the URL begins with:

  • https://aodocs.altirnao.com, you're using the US instance of AODocs
  • https://eu.aodocs.app, you're using the EU instance of AODocs

If you don't know how to access AODocs in your web browser, contact your IT department for assistance.

If you're using a private or dedicated instance of AODocs, the site URL is specific to your organization. If you're unsure about your site URL, talk to your IT administrator.

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