Authorize third-party apps on your G Suite domain

To install AODocs, you must not have restricted third-party apps on your domain. This article explains how to authorize third-party apps on your G Suite domain so you can install AODocs.

Note: It's only during the installation process that you must authorize third-party apps. G Suite Marketplace apps are trusted automatically, so once you have installed the AODocs G Suite Marketplace app, you can restrict third-party apps again and AODocs will function correctly.

If you have set this restriction and you try to install AODocs, you can't sign in and you get this admin_policy_enforced error message:


To authorize third-party apps on your domain:

1. Go to

2. In the top left menu, select Security > App access control.


3. Press Manage third party app access.


4. Under Add app, select OAuth App Name Or Client ID.


5. In the Add app pop-up:

  • enter this text:
  • press Search
  • select AODocs
  • press Add

A message appears: AODocs is now trusted to access all Google services. You can now sign in and continue installing AODocs.


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