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A locked document is a document that cannot be accessed or edited by users who have the permissions. In some situations when users are performing actions on AODocs documents or files, AODocs locks the item to avoid conflict with another user's interaction. Documents are locked by AODocs in the following situations:

    • when a user has opened the document properties editor and not yet saved his/her changes
    • when a user has opened a Microsoft Office file by using the “Open in Microsoft Office” feature of the AODocs Smartbar or of the AODocs user interface

Please note that the checked out feature is using a different type of locking, so checked out documents will not be displayed here.

The locked document section of the Library Administration displays a list of the documents that are currently locked and allows administrators to manually release the lock.

“Locked documents” page

To release a locked document, click on “Locked documents” (1) in the “Library Administration” section. You will see all the documents that are locked by users.

The “Locked documents” page:

    • displays the following information about the document:
      • the “Document Id” & “Title” of the document (2)
      • the “Expiration” column (3) shows the date/time when the lock will be automatically released
      • the “Lock Owner” column (4) shows the user who has locked the document
      • allows administrators to release the locked document and make it available for editing, by clicking on the “Release” button (5)

Note that once released, the user who locked the document will NOT be notified of the change.

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