Deploy AODocs extensions to your domain

AODocs provides the following Google Chrome extensions that enhance your users' experience:

  • The AODocs Smartbar brings AODocs features directly into your Google Drive, Gmail and Google editor
  • The Universal File Opener (UFO) and the AODocs File Opener (AFO) let you open and edit non-Google files in Google Drive and AODocs – Learn more: What are the UFO and AFO extensions?

These extensions are compatible only with Chrome. We recommend that you deploy the required AODocs extension domain-wide. This is the most effective way to make sure that all users on your domain have the extension correctly installed on Chrome.  

Important: To deploy UFO/AFO to your domain, you must deploy the UFO/AFO client before deploying the UFO/AFO extension.

Note: If you install an AODocs extension in your domain, the permissions it requires will be accepted automatically.
Learn more: Permissions required by the AODocs Smartbar

There are two ways to deploy AODocs extensions. Choose one to access a tutorial:

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