Authorize the Drive scope for UFO on your domain

The first time users open a file in AODocs or in Google Drive with UFO, a prompt opens and they must grant the Drive scope to UFO. This is a prerequisite for authentication.

As a Workspace admin, to prevent individual users having to grant the Drive scope for UFO, you can install a Marketplace app that lets you grant the Drive scope to all users on your domain. Install this app on your domain or for specific organizational units or users to benefit from this feature.

1. Open the AODocs Universal File Opener – domain-wide deployment app in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Note: Users who aren't Workspace admins can't install the app from Google Apps Marketplace.

2. Click Admin install

3. Click Continue.


4. In the dialog:

  • define whether to install the Drive scope for all users on your domain or for certain organizational units or users
  • select the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and Google Workspace's Terms of Service

5. Click Finish.


A dialog opens to confirm that the AODocs Universal File Opener — domain wide deployment app has been installed.

6. Click Done.


The application is now installed!

You can see it in your Google Admin console in Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace apps:


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