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The AODocs mobile app is a mobile application that brings AODocs features directly into your mobile device.

This article explains how to:

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Select which libraries to display

1. Open the AODocs mobile app.

2. In the bottom panel, click:

  • All libraries to view a list of all the libraries you have access to

Note: By default, all libraries are displayed when you open the AODocs mobile app.


  • Favorites to view a list of your favorite libraries

Tip: To set a library as a favorite, open the library and click the star in the top right. 


Note: you can also click My Tasks to browse your pending workflow tasks.

Sort your library list

1. On your list of libraries, click the sort button. 

Note: The sort button displays the current sorting option.

2. Select the required options:

  • In the Sort by section, select:
    • Name: to sort your list of libraries in alphabetical order
    • Last time accessed: to sort your list of libraries in order of the last time you accessed them, grouped by time period (Last accessed today, Last accessed this week, and so on)

– By default, libraries are sorted by name.
– Learn more about a known limitation with sorting libraries by the last time they were accessed.

  • In the Filter by section, you can filter libraries by type:
    • Team Folder
    • Secured Folder
    • Document Management

– If you don't select a filter option, all library types are displayed by default.
– You can select only one library type as the filter option at a time.
– You can combine the sorting criteria and the filter option to sort your library list.

Tip: Unselect the library type to remove the filter.

3. Click OK.


Your list of libraries is displayed with the applied sort and filter options.

Search for libraries using keywords

1. In the bottom panel, select to display all your libraries, your favorite libraries or libraries where you have a pending workflow action

2. Click the search bar. In the list of previous searches, you can:

  • click an item to rerun a previous search
  • click the cross to delete an item from your list of previous searches


3. Alternatively, in the search bar, fill in part of or all of the name of a library.

The list of libraries displayed is filtered according to the text you entered. The search is not case sensitive and matches partial keywords.


Open libraries

Click the name of a library to open it.

When you open a library in the AODocs mobile app, the last view you visited is displayed. If it's the first time you opened the library, the default view is displayed. Learn more:

Depending on the library configuration, you can access your documents in various ways.

Tip: Click the Back button to return to your list of libraries.


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