AODocs mobile app: Define and use library shortcuts

The AODocs mobile app is a mobile application that brings AODocs features directly into your mobile device.

If you have a list of AODocs libraries that you use mainly when you are out and about, you may want to define them as shortcuts.

Note: Library shortcuts are different from your list of favorite libraries. Shortcuts aren't synchronized with the AODocs web app. 

This article explains how to:

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Define library shortcuts

Note: You can define up to four library shortcuts using your phone.

1. Open a library

2. Tap the More actions button and select Define as shortcut. The library is added to your list of shortcuts. 


Remove libraries from your list of shortcuts

1. Open the library for which you want to remove the shortcut. 

2. Tap the More actions button and select Remove shortcut. The library is removed from your list of shortcuts.  

Use library shortcuts

Tap and hold the AODocs app icon on your home screen or apps list (displayed by swiping up). Then select a shortcut to open the library directly in the AODocs mobile app.


Tip for Android users: Tap and hold a shortcut in the list and drag it to your home screen. You'll then have an icon on your home screen that opens the library when you tap it. You can then remove this shortcut from your list and keep the icon on your home screen.

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