AODocs mobile: Open documents and start working in the mobile app

The AODocs mobile app is a mobile application that brings AODocs features directly into your mobile device.

This article explains how to:

Open documents in the mobile app
Understand the document page
Preview and edit your attachments 

Open documents in the mobile app

In a view, folder, document search or list of documents in a workflow state, press the name of a document to open it.

Understand the document page

The mobile version of the document page opens and you can browse the available sections in your document.

Note: In the AODocs mobile app:
– empty sections are not displayed
– if you open a draft document, a banner indicates who checked it out and when
– if you have a pending workflow action on the document, the Workflow button is displayed in the Workflow section – learn more: Perform workflow actions.
– the document description opens on the description page
– you can't edit the document description

– You can expand and collapse the sections by pressing their name.
– To refresh the page, scroll to the top of the document and swipe down. You can do the same to refresh your list of libraries, list of documents in a view, and list of pending workflow tasks.
– Press the Back button to navigate back to the view, folder, document search or list of documents in a workflow state you were browsing.

A document page with all sections available

If your document has related items, you can press the name of a related document to view its details. Learn more: Configure relations.

Preview and edit your attachments 

1. In the Attachment section of the document page, select the attachment you want to preview.

2. Select the required option:

  • To preview Google files: select the corresponding Google app
  • To preview non-Google files, select:

Google document with corresponding Google app installed

If you have edit permission on the attachment you can edit the file and save your changes.

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