Organize custom properties in sections

As a library administrator, you can group your custom properties into sections, which users will see on the AODocs document page.

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– Only library administrators can create sections.
– You can create sections in all types of AODocs library.

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Create sections

You can create sections:

To create a section from the Properties tab:

1. Access the library administration.

2. Select Document classes.

3. To open the document class configuration page, you can:

  • click the name of the document class you want to configure
  • select Configure document class in the More actions menu next to the required document class


4. Click the Add section button. The Create a new section dialog opens.

5. Enter a name and, if required, a description for your section.

– The name must be unique. You can't have two sections with the same name in the same document class.
–The description appears on the document page as a tooltip and in the administration interface.

6. Select the number of columns to display on the document page for this section. This allows you to organize custom properties in the required number of columns.

Note: If you select a 4-column layout for your section, your document must be displayed in landscape mode. You can switch to landscape mode from the dialog. Learn more: Define the orientation of the page.

7. Click Save.


Show or hide the properties in sections

You can expand sections to show their properties or collapse them to hide their properties.


Organize your sections and properties

Re-order your sections

1. Drag and drop a section to a new position in the list.

Note: Sections can be collapsed or expanded when you drag and drop them.

2. Click Save.


Move properties within, between and outside sections

1. Drag and drop a property to a new position:

  • within the current section
  • to any position in another expanded section
  • outside sections, to the panel above the sections

Note: Sections must be expanded to be able to drag and drop properties into them.

2. Click Save.


Edit sections

1. Select Edit in the More actions menu next to the section you want to edit.

2. Edit the name, description or number of columns to display on the document page.

Learn more: Create sections.

3. Click Save.


Delete sections

1. Select Delete in the More actions menu next to the section you want to delete.

2. In the Remove section dialog:

  • if the section doesn't contain any properties, click Delete.
  • if the section contains properties, you can:
    • move the properties to another section: select one from the drop-down menu
    • move the properties outside sections: the properties are moved to the panel above the sections
    • delete the section and all its properties

Then click Confirm.


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