Configure help text for custom properties

As a library administrator, you can configure help text for custom properties. This provides help for end users when they fill in properties.

You can customize help text for the following property types: Integer, Decimal, Person, String and Category.

Tip: You can also configure data validation for these property types. Learn more: Configure data validation for custom properties.

Help text for custom properties

1. Access the library administration.

2. Select Document classes.

3. Click the name of the document class you want to configure or select Configure document class in the More actions menu. The document class configuration page opens.

4. Click the expand button next to a property to view its settings.

Note: You must choose an Integer, Decimal, Person or String property.


5. Under Placeholder, you can

  • leave the Use customized help text switch deactivated: the default help text is displayed in the custom property, indicating the type of data to enter, for example, text or numerical value
  • activate the Use customized help text switch and enter text in the field: the text you enter is displayed in the custom property

Note: The customized help text is limited to 40 characters.

  • activate the Use customized help text switch and leave the field empty: no help text is displayed in the custom property

 6. Click Save.


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