AODocs Smartbar V6.2 Release notes

Dear Smartbar User,

We’re pleased to announce a new version of the Smartbar extension (V6.2).


The Smartbar supports the latest five versions of Google Chrome. The latest stable Chrome version is 65, so after this release, only Chrome version 61 or above will be supported.

Please note that this means that the extension will no longer update if it is already installed and the Chrome browser version is lower than 61.

Your favorite libraries are now synchronized with AODocs

Since the latest version of AODocs (release 46) you can add libraries as favorites in AODocs. This feature already existed in Google Drive for users who have the Smartbar installed.

To make it easier to manage your favorites, any libraries you tag as favorites are now synchronized between AODocs and the Smartbar.



Add and view comments on parallel transitions

Since AODocs release 45 (read the AODocs V45 Release notes) you can add and display comments on parallel workflow transitions. We’ve integrated these features in the Smartbar.

You can now add and view your comments on parallel transitions directly on the Smartbar document card.



Deactivate the Smartbar pop-up when the trial period expires

When the AODocs trial period expires and if the Smartbar is still installed and enabled, a pop-up appears each time you open Google Drive or a Google Docs page.

To make it clear that you need to disable the extension, we added some notes in the AODocs - Trial expired screen, with the option of deactivating the pop-up.


Bug fixes

  • In the context of a delegated mailbox, the Gmail application programming interface (API) doesn’t allow you to retrieve email data. The Smartbar detects the shared mailbox usage, disables its import email feature and displays a warning message. This detection was no longer working and has been fixed:


  • Some email attachments weren’t listed when using the Import into AODocs feature from Gmail.
  • When using multiple Google accounts in the same Chrome session, the right account is now detected by the Smartbar when in Google Docs editors.

Launch details

Version 6.2 will be rolling out on 19 March 2018.

Have a new feature idea or request for AODocs? Continue to share your ideas in our community.

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