AODocs Smartbar V4.4 Release notes

Dear Smartbar user,

Below you’ll find a preview of the major new improvements and bug fixes in AODocs Smartbar Version 4.4.

New improvements

View other files attached to the same AODocs document
When working on a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide attached to an AODocs Document Management library, the Smartbar now displays the list of the other Google Drive files attached to the same AODocs parent document.

Better management of the trashed Google files
When viewing a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide that is in the library’s trash, the Smartbar
now displays the relevant actions to permanently delete or restore the trashed
document. The breadcrumb path is now in the form “Library Name > Trash.” Clicking on
the library name redirects to the library’s root folder in Drive, while clicking on “Trash”
redirects to the library’s trash folder. The document card shows the workflow state and
properties of the trashed document.

Learn more here: Display, restore or delete files from the trash

Bug fixes

  • Smartbar buttons do not overlap Drive buttons when the Google Chrome window width is small.
  • In Team Folders, the Drive option to remove files is no longer displayed. Only the AODocs delete option will appear.

Coming soon

The Smartbar will be integrated in the Gmail interface to easily import emails and their attachments into AODocs. Stay tuned!

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