Configure document templates

As an administrator, you can configure document one or more templates for each document class. 

A document template can have:

  • default values for its properties
  • a default description
  • default attachments (one attachment in Team Folders and Secured Folders, up to five attachments in Document Management libraries)

When creating a new document in the library, users can select an existing document template instead of creating an empty document. All the property values, description and attachments of the document template are copied into the new document.

Learn more: Create a document from a template.


To configure an AODocs document template:

1. Open the library administration interface. 

2. Select the class you want to configure under Document classes.

3. Select the Templates tab.

4. Press the Create template button.


5. The Create new template pop-up opens. Enter a name for your template.

6. Press Save.


7. You can set a template as the default for your document class. 

In a Document Management library, setting a default template has the following impact:

In a Secured Folder library or a Team Folder library, setting a default template has the following impact:

8. Choose the required Visibility setting:

  • remove the label next to the "switch"
  • invert condition so:
    • it's blue when visible (default value)
    • it's grey when hidden
  • If the visibility switch of a template is on (blue switch), the template appears in the document creation menu in the AODocs user interface.
  • If the visibility switch of a template is off (grey switch), the template doesn't appear in the document creation menu and can only be used when creating documents via the AODocs API or via emails.
  • Learn more: Configure emails to documents

9. To delete a template, press the Delete button.

10. To edit the name of a template, hover over the name and select Edit.

11. To customize a template, press its name.


12. The template customization tab opens. You can customize your template by adding properties, attachments and a description that will be directly attached to the documents created from the template.

- You can customize the titles of templates for Document Management libraries, but not for Team Folders or Secured folders.
- You can add only one attachment to templates for Team Folders or Secured folders.

Customizing the AODocs template

13. Save your changes.

14. To return to the list of templates, press the arrow at the top left of the template customization tab.


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  • Is it possible to set an default relationship between the template and a document in a different class. E.g., I have each of my company's vendors set up as individual "Suppliers", and want to automatically relate contracts and invoices to a vendor's record by using a template linked to an email address. When configuring the template, I don't see the "related documents" section, which does show up when I create a new document in that class from scratch.

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