AODocs Smartbar V4.0 Release notes

Dear Smartbar user,

Please find below a list of the major new features, improvements and bug fixes in the AODocs Smartbar version 4.0.

New features

We are pleased to announce that the most important Document Management features of AODocs are now available in the Google Drive user interface: viewing/editing document properties and workflow validation.

View and edit document properties from Google Drive

It is now possible to access and edit the document properties directly from the Google Drive interface.

If custom properties are configured on a Team or Secured Folder, a new inline button will appear in the Drive document list. Clicking on this button will open a new dialog with the document properties.

In the popup window, the “edit” button will allow you to edit the values of those properties.


 This feature is available for the Google Sheets, Docs and Slides as well.

 Learn more here: Display and edit properties from Google Drive

Validate your documents from Google Drive

You can now validate documents directly from the Google Drive UI.

If a workflow is configured on a Team (or Secured) Folder, a new button will appear next to the “search in folder” button. By clicking on this button you will be able to list all the documents you have to act on in the library.

The document validation is also available if you open the document properties (from the document list or from the Google editor).

Learn more here: Validate your documents from Google Drive

Configure the document properties from the Google Drive UI

Library administrators can now add, modify or remove document properties from the Google Drive UI.

Learn more here: Edit document class properties from Google Drive


New feature tours design

After a new library is created, a redesigned pop-up will appear for library admins.

New Smartbar caching system

We have completely rebuilt the way the Smartbar is caching its data in the browser. There is no visible change for the users, but it dramatically improves performance when several tabs are open on Drive and Google Editors.

New Knowledge base articles

All the new features are explained in the following articles:



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