What are Workflows?

A workflow is a sequence of steps describing the lifecycle of the document.
Workflows can automate your business processes such as document reviews, invoice processing, document publication, etc.

In AODocs, a workflow is composed of steps also called Workflow States.

Library administrators configure the Workflow Transitions and decide how documents can move from one Workflow State to another one. Workflow Transitions can be triggered manually by specific users or automatically depending on a set of rules.

On each Workflow State, AODocs can:
     - Send Workflow Emails to the validators of the workflow or to other users.
     - Change the document's Permissions and set which users can have read and/or write access to the document and its properties.
     - Implement a Version Control and force the creation of new version or the Check-out/Check-in of a document.

For example, if you have an AODocs library for managing contracts, you could define a workflow to track the review of the contracts and their signature, as illustrated in the diagram below.


In our example, the contract can be in one of the following workflow states:

image03.png The contract is still work in progress.

The contract has been written and is waiting for approval.

The contract can be approved image08.png by the validators: it is transferred to the “To be signed” State.
It can also be rejected image05.png and go back to the “Draft” State.

image00.png The contract has been approved and is waiting for final signature of the head of the Finance department.

The contract is signed and effective.

When entering  the "Signed" workflow State, the signed version of the contract has been saved in an AODocs version.

XX days before its expiration date, the contract automatically goes into the “Soon to be expired” State.

A notification email image09.png is sent to warn editors that the expiration date of the contract is close.
image01.png The document has expired. After the expiration date, the contract is automatically sent to the “Archived” State. Library users can access it in view only mode.
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