Perform workflow actions

Documents whose document class have a workflow configured can be move from one state to another by the workflow validators from the AODocs and Google Drive interface. This article explain how to perform a workflow action from the AODocs interface.

Learn more here: What are workflows?

1. To perform a workflow action on a document, open the document in AODocs and click on the workflow button.
    The workflow menu appears and displays all the workflow actions that you can perform manually for this specific state.

Note: If you have no workflow actions to perform on the document, the workflow button and menu are not displayed.


2. If multiple people needs to validate a workflow action on the document, select “Worklfow Validators” from the workflow menu to check who has validated the document. 
    It displays the list of all the validators of the parallel validation action and sort them in two groups: the validators who have not yet validated the document and those who already have.


3. As a validator, click on the workflow action. You can then enter a comment related to your workflow action and click on “Submit”.

Note: Comments are not available for parallel workflow actions, when multiple validators are required to validate the document.


4. Once you have validated the document:

- The workflow state has been updated.
- Your actions and workflow comments are visible from the property tab of the document, in the comments section on the right.


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