Presentation of the AODocs Smartbar

The AODocs Smartbar is a Chrome extension that brings AODocs features directly into your Google Drive interface. 
You need the AODocs Smartbar if you are accessing folders managed by AODocs in your “My Drive”. 

- You need to install the AODocs Smartbar. Learn more here: Install the AODocs Smartbar.
- The AODocs Smartbar is only available for the Chrome browser. Learn more about Google Chrome extensions Google Chrome extensions here.

You can use the AODocs Smartbar:

 From your Google Drive interface
From your Gmail interface

 Use the AODocs Smartbar from your Google Drive interface

The AODocs Smartbar allows you to:

Accessing Team Folders and Secured Folders in Google Drive

Creating new files and folders

Importing files or folders to AODocs

Accessing Library trash and restoring documents from Library Trash

Searching for files in specific folders and subfolders

Renaming, moving or deleting files and folders

Creating new and editing existing Microsoft Office files directly in the Google Drive interface

Configuring settings for your AODocs Folders in Google Drive

Switching domains

Displaying and editing file properties

Performing workflow actions 

Use the AODocs Smartbar from your Gmail interface

Importing your emails from Gmail

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