Delete files and folders

Users can delete documents and folders from an AODocs library (if they have the permission).

When a user deletes a document or folder, the deleted item:

  • goes to the AODocs library trash
  • stays in the library trash for the defined library retention period and is then permanently deleted

During the retention period, library administrators can: 

  • permanently delete the item
  • restore the item


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Delete files and folders in Team Folders and Secured Folders

The AODocs Smartbar lets you delete files or folders from Team Folders and Secured Folders in Google Drive. You can also delete a file from the Google Drive file preview.

1. In Google Drive, select the file or folder you want to delete.

2. Click the Delete file or Delete folder button on the right.

Deleting a file from Google Drive

image03.pngDeleting a folder from Google Drive

Alternatively, open your file in the Google Drive file preview and select Delete in the Smartbar menu

Deleting a file from the Google Drive file preview

Note: If you use the navigation buttons in the Google Drive file preview, the Smartbar menu is no longer accessible.

3. Click Delete in the confirmation dialog.

Note: In Google Drive, contributors can delete folders that aren't empty, but only files and folders on which they have edit rights will be deleted.

When you click Delete, the deleted item becomes unavailable and then disappears after a few seconds.

The deleted item is then sent to the library trash.

Important: Only administrators can restore deleted items. Learn more:
Display, restore or delete files from the trash
Manage deleted documents and folders

What if you can't delete files or folders?

Library administrators can restrict contributors' permissions, to prevent them from deleting documents and folders. In this case, the delete feature is disabled for contributors.


Disabled Delete button in Google Drive

Disabled Delete option in the Smartbar menu, in the Google Drive file preview

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