Bulk Updater: Access and sign in

Bulk Updater is a web application that lets you update in bulk the properties (also called metadata) of your AODocs documents. All users can use the export feature in Bulk Updater; only library administrators and super administrators can use the update feature.

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Access Bulk Updater

When you access Bulk Updater the first time, AODocs prompts you to sign in as either a Google user or a Microsoft user.

1. Follow one of these links to access Bulk Updater, depending on which AODocs instance you're using:

Learn more: Find out which AODocs instance you're using.

2. Select either Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft and follow the sign in process.


3. Google users are requested to grant the Bulk Updater permission to create spreadsheets for you.


Check your sign in status

When you click your profile avatar, you can see:

  • who you're signed in as
  • if ownership of Google spreadsheets is delegated to another user: delegated ownership allows you to create Google spreadsheets in Bulk Updater using the account of a user specified by your administrator – this is the case for all Microsoft users, and also Google users if your administrator decided to set up it up
    Note: Learn more about how Microsoft users access Google spreadsheets
  • if your offline consent is valid:
    • for Google users this means that the Bulk updater is registered as a third party application in accounts.google.com
    • for Microsoft users this means that Google spreadsheet delegation has been set up, so you can use all the features of Bulk Updater


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