What is the Universal File Opener (UFO)?

The Universal File Opener (UFO) is a Google Chrome extension. It enhances the Google Drive interface by allowing you to:

  • open the non-Google files locally on your computer in the corresponding application.
  • save the changes you have made locally on your computer directly in Google Drive.

For example, if you open a PDF file with the UFO from the Google Drive interface, Acrobat Reader will launch on your computer and open the PDF locally.


- The UFO is compatible with all the non-Google files stored in Google Drive (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawing can not open locally). 
- It supports all the types of files format and sizes.
- It requires the installation of a local client available for macOS and Windows.

Note: For G Suite Business and Enterprise clients, UFO also supports the files stored in Team Drives.

UFO is currently available free of charge as a public beta version. At the end of the beta period, UFO will be included for free for AODocs customers paying list price, and AwesomeDrive users will have the option to purchase the UFO feature for a monthly fee.

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