What are the UFO and AFO extensions?

The Universal File Opener (UFO) and the AODocs File Opener (AFO) are browser extensions.

  • UFO is for Google users in any type of AODocs library using Google Drive. UFO is available in Google Chrome.
  • AFO is for Google users or Microsoft users in AODocs Document Management libraries using Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage. AFO is available in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The UFO and AFO extensions enhance your AODocs experience by allowing you to:

  • open non-Google files locally on your computer using the corresponding software
  • save the changes you made locally back to Google Drive (UFO) or AODocs (UFO/AFO)

UFO can also be used as a standalone extension without AODocs. It allows Google users to open, edit and save non-Google files stored in Google Drive. Learn more: Authorizations for standalone UFO.

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Example: UFO

If you have UFO installed and you open a Word file from the Google Drive interface or you open a Word attachment in a library using Google Drive, Word launches on your computer and opens the file locally.


Example: AFO

If you have AFO installed and you open a Word attachment in a Document Management library, Word launches on your computer and opens the file locally.


What types of file can I open?

You can use:

  • UFO to open any type of non-Google file stored in Google Drive

Note: You can't use UFO to open Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations or drawings locally.

  • AFO to open any type of file stored in other storage platforms, such as Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage

Both UFO and AFO support files of any size.

What do I need to install and use UFO/AFO?

UFO and AFO require the installation of a local client available for macOS and Windows. Learn more: Install UFO or AFO.

UFO can be purchased in addition to AODocs licenses or separately. If you're interested in purchasing UFO licenses, contact our Sales team.

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  • Hello, Can these extensions open files type like dwg or other drawing file extensions?

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  • Hello Myriam,
    Yes, as long as you have the appropriate software installed locally.
    Have a good day

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