AODocs mobile: Edit documents

The AODocs mobile app is a mobile application that brings AODocs features directly into your mobile device.

You can use it to edit your documents.

Learn more: Preview and edit your attachments.

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Edit the document title

1. Open a document.

2. Tap the Edit button.


3. Edit the title field.

Note: You can't save your document without a title.

4. Tap Save.


Edit properties

You can edit all property types using the AODocs mobile app:

  • Text and String
  • Time, Date, and Date & Time
  • Decimal and Integer
  • Person – use the dedicated screen to select people or groups
  • Category  – use the dedicated screen to select one or more values
  • URL – enter the URL and the display text
  • Boolean
  • Geopoint

In addition, calculated property values are evaluated in real time and, depending on how your administrator configured your document class, properties may become mandatory or hidden as you enter data in your document.

Learn more: Use conditional logic in your AODocs documents.


To edit a property:

1. Open a document.

2. Tap the Edit button.

3. Edit your properties.

Note: If you edit a Person property or a Category property a new screen opens.

Tip: Use the arrow buttons in the banner to navigate to any mandatory fields without values and to any editable properties that have incorrect values. You can't save your document until you've filled in these fields correctly.

4. Tap Save.


Edit Person properties

To edit Person properties:

1. Tap in a Person property field. A dedicated screen opens.

2. Search the names of people or groups. 

3. Select the person or group you want to add. 

Tip: If your property allows multiple values, repeat the process to add as many people as you want.


Edit Category properties

To edit Category properties:

1. Tap in a Category property field. A dedicated screen opens.

2. Select one or more values:

  • for single-value or multivalue categories: select one or more values from list


  • for multilevel categories: tap the down arrow to navigate through the category hierarchy – if your multilevel category is also multivalue, you can add more than one value



Note: Learn more about a minor limitation to editing categories in the mobile app.

Edit Geopoint properties

To geolocalize your position:

1. Tap the blue location button next to a Geopoint property.


2. Grant the permission required to geolocalize your position

3. A map opens with your geolocalization. If required, tap once at the correct location to adjust the position. 

4. Tap the blue check mark button. The Latitude and Longitude fields are filled in. 

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