Create documents by copy

As a document creator, you can make a copy of an existing document from its document page, with its properties, attachments, relations and description. You can then make any required changes before saving it as a new document.

– Only the latest version of a document can be copied.
– The workflow state is reset in the copied document.

1. Open a document in AODocs.

2. Press New.

3. Select the option to copy the current document.


4. The unsaved document opens in create mode. The title of the document is Copy of [document name].

Note: If you're in a Document Management library and calculated titles are configured for the document class, you can't edit the Document title field. A title is automatically calculated when you save your document. Learn more: Create formulas for calculated titles.

Make any required changes to your document in create mode:

Note: You can't make changes to any attachments at this stage.

5. Press the Save button to create your document.

Note: You can't save your document:
– without filling in all mandatory fields
– if some property values are outdated or incorrect
Learn more:What if you can't save your document?

image02.pngUnsaved document in create mode (created by copy) in a Document Management library

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