Access AODocs libraries in Google Drive

When using Google Drive with the AODocs Smartbar extension, a library picker lets you easily see the AODocs libraries you have access to.

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Access libraries from the library picker 

1. In Google Drive, open the library picker drop-down menu.

Tip: You can use the library picker like a search field to find a library by its name.

Note: All Team Folders and Secured Folders in which you are defined as reader, contributor or library administrator are listed in the library picker, except those in which the visibility is restricted for the type of user you're defined as in the library. Learn more: Restrict the visibility of your library.

2. Select an AODocs library to open it in Google Drive. In the opened library you can see:

  • your current location, in the path at the top of the page
  • the type of AODocs library you're working on, indicated on the library label


The icons in the drop-down menu and the library label indicate the type of AODocs library: 

image02.png Team Folder
image03.png  Secured Folder


If you are allowed to create new libraries, the New Team Folder button is displayed at the bottom of the list of libraries. Learn more: Create new Team Folders

– The library picker isn't displayed if you don’t have access to any libraries or can’t create a new library. In this case, you can only create documents in Google Drive.
– If a shortcut to your library has been pushed to your My Drive, you can access your library directly from your My Drive tree without using the library picker.

Manage your favorite libraries

Your favorite libraries are listed at the top of the library picker drop-down list. 

To set a library as a favorite, click the star next to it. 


With the Smartbar installed, your favorite libraries in Google Drive are synchronized with your favorite libraries in AODocs.

Note: Your favorite libraries are synchronized:
– immediately from the Smartbar to AODocs — if you tag a library as a favorite in Google Drive, you can see it immediately in AODocs (just reload your page)
– every hour from AODocs to the Smartbar — if you tag a library as a favorite in AODocs, reload the Smartbar extension to see it straight away (click the Smartbar icon in your Chrome bar and then the image05.png reload button) 

There are some differences in the way favorite libraries are listed in the AODocs interface and in Google Drive:

  • You can't view and navigate the folder structure of Document Management libraries in Google Drive, so if you starred any Document Management libraries in AODocs they don't appear in your list of favorites in Google Drive.
  • As a super administrator, you must have explicit access in a library for it to appear in your list of favorites in Google Drive. 

All favorite libraries, including Document Management libraries, appear in Gmail. Learn more:

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