Define category sublevels with a CSV file

A category is a type of custom property in an AODocs document. Learn more: What are categories?

A category is composed of a set of values, for example, a list of electronic products or countries. Users can select from the predefined category values in a drop-down list when a document is in edit mode.

Important: Categories are configured at the library level and can be assigned to one or more category properties in the same document class or in different document classes.

When defining the list of values for a category, administrators and category values managers can configure category sublevels. Learn more: What are roles?

If you have a large list of values or a complex hierarchy of values to define, you can:

Automatically generated table of contents

Define your list of values through a CSV file

1. Create a Google spreadsheet.

2. Format your spreadsheet as follows:

  • Column A contains the hierarchy of category values from the top level to the sublevel for which you want to define a short name. Sublevels are separated by slashes "/".

If a category value includes a forward slash, for example, "Null / Void" add a backslash to prevent the forward slash from creating a sublevel: "Null \ / Void".

  • Column B contains the short name for the hierarchy level defined in column A.


Note: AODocs has recommended limits for the number of values defined in a category.

3. Select File > Download as > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet).
The CSV file for your category values is downloaded.

Import the CSV file containing your category values in AODocs

1. Access the library administration.

2. Under Categories, choose a category and select Define values.

3. If you haven't defined any short name values in your CSV file, you can select the checkbox Add short name values if not defined in the .csv file to create short name values automatically.

- By default, the checkbox Add short name values if not defined in the .csv file is selected.
- The automatically generated short names are the three first letters of the category value.

4. Click + Add Files. Then browse your computer and select the CSV file containing your category values. You can also drag and drop the CSV file to the Drop files here area.

The category values are imported in AODocs in the background.


5. Refresh the page. The category values with its sublevels defined in the CSV file appear.

Note: If you upload a CSV file with hierarchical sublevels and if you haven't created the sublevels, AODocs will automatically create the sublevels name them “Name-of-the-category Level X” (for example, “Country Level 3”).
You can then rename your category sublevels manually.


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  • Hi, is it possible to let AODocs collect data automatically from a Google Sheet in Drive to a specific category? My aim is to change the ingredients of a category by being automatically updated from a Google Sheet periodically. To get rid of manual upload.

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  • Hello Emrah SOGUR,
    Such an integration with Google Sheets doesn't exist currently.
    However, it's feasible thanks to the AODocs API. If you'd like to get support for integrations in AODocs please contact or your account manager!
    And you also can open a Feature Request in the community section, explaining your use case, and what you'd like to achieve.
    Best regards,
    Marine, for AODocs

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