Create and configure Reference Catalog properties

Reference catalogs let you define properties that behave like categories but which are defined at the domain level. This means that users can access exactly the same set of properties that behave like categories with the same values in all libraries on your domain. 

Learn more: What are categories and reference catalogs?

– Only AODocs super administrators can set up reference catalogs on the domain. Learn more: Use the API to set up reference catalogs on your domain.
– Reference catalogs are all single-level. You can't configure sublevels as you can for categories.

If your super administrator has set up reference catalogs on your domain, as a library administrator, you can create Reference Catalog properties in the document classes of your libraries.

1. Access the library administration of your library.

2. Access the document class settings.

3. In the Properties tab, click the Add button.

4. In the Create a new property dialog, click the arrow next to Reference catalog.


5. Select the required reference catalog from the list of reference catalogs available on your domain. 

6. Click Next.


7. Enter a name for your Reference Catalog property. 

Note: The name of your property doesn't have to be the same as the reference catalog.

8. Define the required property settings such as multi-value, mandatory, and so on.  

9. Click Create.


10. Click Save

Your new Reference Catalog property is displayed in the list of properties. 

Tip: You can distinguish Category type properties from Reference Catalog type properties from their logos. 


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