View and configure default categories

As a library administrator, you can view and configure the default categories Folder and Tags.

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View the default Folder category

1. Access the library administration.

2. Select Categories.


All library types have a Folder category.

Note: You can't delete the Folder category.

For Team Folders and Secured Folders, the Folder category represents the folder structure visible in Google Drive and the AODocs interface. For Document Management libraries, the Folder category is never visible in Google Drive and is only visible in the AODocs interface.

Learn more: Configure folders in your document class.

Configure the default Tags category

Important: This feature is deprecated.

Team Folders and Secured Folders have a default Tags category.

You can add values for Tags in view mode (whereas you must be in edit mode to add values for custom categories).

Configuring and defining values for the Tags category is similar to custom categories.

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