Configure category sublevels

A category is a type of custom property in an AODocs document. Learn more: What are categories?

A category is composed of a set of values, for example, a list of electronic products or countries. Users can select from the predefined category values in a drop-down list when a document is in edit mode.

Important: Categories are configured at the library level and can be assigned to one or more category properties in the same document class or in different document classes.

When defining the list of values for a category, administrators and category values managers can configure category sublevels. Learn more: What are roles?

You can:

Create category sublevels
Remove category sublevels

Create category sublevels

1. Access the library administration.

2. Under Categories, choose a category and select Define values.

3. Create new values if the list is empty. Select the name of the category value for which you want to create a sublevel.

4. In the pop-up, enter the name of your category sublevel and press OK.


5. From your new category sublevel, you can:

  • use the links in the breadcrumbs to navigate from one category sublevel to another
  • rename the category sublevel name by selecting the pencil button on the top right
  • add, edit or delete values
  • set values to outdated so users can no longer select these values


6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you have created your category hierarchy.

7. If you have a complex hierarchy to define, you can add your hierarchical list of values automatically using a CSV file.

Remove category sublevels

If you decide to remove all the values of a category sublevel individually, the sublevel still exists but it's empty.

To remove an empty category sublevel, under Categories, choose a category and select Remove empty sublevels.

Note: Only the category sublevels without any values are removed.


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