Cancel a check-out: discard a draft version

When a user manually checks out a document, a draft version is created. You can manually discard the draft version of a document if you are authorized to edit it.

Learn more: Cancel a check-out: create a draft version

To cancel the check-out:

1. Open the draft version of your document.

2. In the Properties panel, select Versions in the side panel and press the Discard draft button.  There is also a Discard draft button in the banner. image01.png

Alternatively, in the Versions panel, select Versions in the side panel and press the Discard draft button. There is also a Discard draft button in the main panel. 


3. A confirmation pop-up opens, indicating that all changes made in the draft version will be discarded. Press Confirm to cancel the check-out and discard the changes.

The draft version is deleted and the permissions are restored on the main version.

The user whose check-out is canceled is notified by email.

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  • I don't see this option. Is it possible that we don't have this in our library?
    Is there another way to discard a draft version and go back to main version?

    Thanks in advance

  • If your document class is set up with "Disable manual versioning" and that the versioning is managed by the workflow then it's expected that you don't see the option.

  • Hello Thibault,

    Thank you very much for the explanation. It's clear now and I managed to delete the draft version I wanted.

    Have a nice day.

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