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A category is a type of custom property in an AODocs document. Learn more: What are categories?

A category is composed of a set of values, for example, a list of electronic products or countries. Users can select from the predefined category values in a drop-down list when a document is in edit mode.

Important: Categories are configured at the library level and can be assigned to one or more category properties in the same document class or in different document classes.

As a library administrator, you can:

Create categories in the Categories screen
Define values for categories
 Search for category values
 Rename or delete categories

Create categories in the Categories screen

Note: You can also create categories when you create a custom property in the document class configuration.

1. Open the library administration interface.

2. Under Categories, select Add new value and enter the name of your new category.

Note: The name of the category appears in the drop-down list when you create a category property.

3. Select the Dynamic values checkbox to allow contributors to add new values to the predefined list. New values added by contributors are then available for all users.

If you don’t select Dynamic values, the list is frozen and contributors can only select values from the predefined list.

Tip: As contributors can add new values to a dynamic category, library administrators are recommended to check the list of category values regularly for duplicate or irrelevant values.

4. After creating the category, you can define its values and assign it to a new category property in any document class in your library. Learn more: Create and configure custom properties.


Define values for categories

1. Under Categories, select Define values for the category you want to add values to.

2. Select Add new value and enter the category values in the first column. You can add a short name for a category value in the second column.

– Values are displayed in the document page (view mode) where users assign values to categories.
– Short names are displayed in views.

3. Select the edit button to rename values or their short names.

4. To remove values:

  • Select Delete to permanently delete them.

Important: If a value is assigned to a document (on current or previous versions) you can't delete it. In this situation, we recommend setting the value as outdated.

  • Check the Outdated checkbox to keep a specific value for historical reasons but prevent contributors from assigning this value on documents.

– Outdated values aren't available for selection in the list of values for a category.
– Outdated values are still displayed in documents where they were previously assigned and users can still save the document.


Search for category values

If your category level contains a long list of values, you can run a search.

1. Open a category level.

2. Enter a search value in the search box and press Search.

The results matching your search appear.

Note: The search applies to the current category level.

3. Press Reset to return to the original list.

Note: AODocs has recommended limits for the number of values defined in a category.


Rename or delete categories

Under Categories in the library administration interface, press the name of a category to rename it.

Press the Delete button next to a category if you want to delete it. A confirmation message appears.

– You can’t delete a category if it's configured in the library configuration, for example, if it's assigned to a property or configured in a view.
– You can't delete the default Folder category. Learn more: View and configure default categories.

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