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Move files and folders by drag and drop within Team Folders only

In Team Folders you can move files and folders by drag-and-drop and using the Google Drive buttons (shortcut: Z), just like in regular Google Drive folders.

However, AODocs maintains the integrity of the content of Team Folders by ensuring that files can't be accidentally moved out of it, which would prevent the Team Folder users from accessing the files. As a result, if you move a file outside its Team Folder (for example, if you move a file from an AODocs Team Folder into your My Drive), AODocs will move the file back to the Team Folder where it belongs after a few moments. 

Important: If you select the sharing permission Administrators only in a Team Folder, users won’t be able to move files or folders by drag and drop in Google Drive. This is due to a restriction in Google Drive.
– You can use the experimental setting Interpret internal shortcuts in Team Folders as move operations as a workaround.
– If users have the Smarbar installed and have access to the root level of the Team Folder, they can use the Move to button provided by the Smartbar to move their files and folders individually. They can also move several files and folders in one go in AODocs. Learn more: Move documents or folders to a different folder.

Note: To move a file or folder outside a Team Folder, you must export the file. Only library administrators can export files or folders from a library.

Move a file or folder to a different subfolder from the Google Drive interface

Important: In Secured Folders, you can't move files or folders by drag-and-drop in Google Drive or with the standard Google Drive buttons. You must use the Smartbar button in the Google interface or the Smartbar menu in the Google Drive file preview.

Tip: To move multiple files or folders within a library, you are recommended to use the AODocs interface.

In a Team Folder or Secured Folder:

1. In Google Drive, hover your cursor over the file or folder you want to move.

2. Click the Move... button.

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3. If you selected an item that isn't at root level, a dialog opens. Select either:

  • A library subfolder, then click Select a subfolder
  • The library root folder to move the item into the root folder of the library; then select Move. The item is moved to the root folder.
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4. In the Select a subfolder dialog, select the subfolder where you want to move your item.

5. Click Select. The item is moved to the selected folder.

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Move a file to a different folder from the Google Drive file preview

In a Team Folder or Secured Folder:

1. Open a file in the Google Drive file preview

2. Select Move...

3. Follow from step 3 above.

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  • I wish drag and drop was supported for moving items within a secured folder.

    Also, Drive supports multiple select (with ctrl-click), but the AODocs move to subfolder operation does not respect the selection, it only moves a single item. This makes bulk move operations extremely tedious as you have to move items one at a time.

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  • Hi Yggy,
    Sorry for the delayed reply.
    The best place to create feature requests for our products is on our community pages. Other users will see your requests and can vote for them.

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