Locate your Google files in Google Drive

For information about Google Drive, see the Google Help Center: Find files in Google Drive.

This article is for AODocs users. It explains how to:

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Locate files in standard Google Drive (without the AODocs Smartbar)

Search for files in Google Drive

1. In Google Drive, enter a keyword in the search bar and press Enter. A list of files and folders matching your keyword search appears.

2. Select a folder or any type of file. The path is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


3. You can also select a folder or a Google file, right-click and select File information > Show file location. When you do this:

  • the path of the selected item is indicated above the list of files and folders
  • the folder where the file is located opens with the file selected


Find where your current Google file is located in Google Drive

In your Google file (Google document, spreadsheet, presentation or drawing), you can click the title of the document and the name of the folder will appear next to it.

To view more document details: 

1. Select File.

2. Select Document details.

The Document details dialog opens showing the document location, owner, date of creation and date of last modification.


Locate Google files in Google Drive with the AODocs Smartbar

As an AODocs user with the AODocs Smartbar installed, you can locate Google files in the Google editor using the breadcrumb at the top of the screen.

Note: The breadcrumb isn't available for non-Google files.

In Team Folders and Secured folders, when you open a file in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings, you can click any element (including the root) to open the corresponding folder in Drive.

#New Smartbar #Legacy Smartbar

Locating files in Team Folders and Secured Folders


In Document Management libraries, when you open a file in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings, you can

  • click the library name to open the library homepage in AODocs
  • click the document name to open the document in AODocs

Note: The breadcrumb never contains intermediate folders for Document Management libraries.

#New Smartbar #Legacy Smartbar


Locating files in Document Management libraries


Locating files in Document Management libraries
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  • I would like to locate Excel and Word documents in Google Drive. This procedure explains only Google Docs, Sheets and Slides location.

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  • Hello Paulo,
    Indeed the smartbar only display the breadcrumb of the file for Docs, Sheets and Slides because it is the only documents who have a dedicated interface in Google Drive. Excel, word, pdf and other types of document only allow you to have a preview. We are looking into it but there are technical limitations because the preview is a sort of iframe on top of the Google Drive interface.

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  • The "show file location" option on my file is disabled (greyed out). What could have caused this?

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  • It could be because you don't have the permissions on the parent folder (you need view access at least on the parent folder).

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  • Great article AOdocs,
    How would you find the location of a video that was placed into Google Slides?
    I can't seem to reverse engineer the location 🤷‍♂️

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  • We use a big shared GDrive with lots of folders nested. Document Details doesn't provide the path. I need to get to the containing folder of a file. Please make this easy like Microsoft does.

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  • @Zac: indeed, the Document Details does not provide you with the path, however the Smartbar does, in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.
    @Andy: when you're on your slide, open "Format options", right-click on the video on the right-side panel, and select "Copy debug info". Then paste the copied text in a Google Document, and search for the value given for "docid" ("docid": "the value"). The URL of the video will be: https://drive.google.com/file/d/, and then you'll be able from here to get the location of the video.

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