Gmail add-on: Configure your library

The Gmail add-on is a tool that lets you save emails and their attachments to AODocs Document Management libraries.

Note: The Gmail add-on is available only in Document Management libraries. It isn't available in Team Folders or Secured Folders.

This article is for library administrators. It describes the mandatory and optional properties for use with the Gmail add-on. 

Note: You can also:
use the API to hide document classes from the "New document" menu
use the API to define whether to save emails, attachments or both

As a library administrator, create the following properties in the document classes you want to use with the Gmail add-on.

Important: Make sure you respect upper and lower case.

Property name Property type and details Mandatory or optional
Email ID String Mandatory
Date Sent Date Optional
Sender Person, multi-value  Optional
Recipients Person, multi-value  Optional
Cc Person, multi-value Optional
Subject String Optional
Thread ID String Optional


Mandatory property: Email ID

You must add the Email ID property to the document classes you want to use with the Gmail add-on. 

When users create a new AODocs document in which to save a Gmail message they received or save a Gmail message they composed, only the document classes with a property named Email ID are listed. This property will be filled in with the ID of the individual email that is copied into AODocs.

Note: No two documents can be created with the same Email ID property by the same user. 

Optional properties

You can add additional properties to save the email’s metadata. All the optional properties are filled in with data (if it exists) from the email.

Note: Make sure you set the Sender, Recipients and CC properties as multi-value. The Sender property must be multi-value to allow for groups.

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