Authorize third-party apps on your Google domain

To install AODocs, you must not have restricted third-party apps on your domain. This article explains how to authorize third-party apps on your Google domain so you can install AODocs.

Note: It's only during the installation process that you must authorize third-party apps. Google Workspace Marketplace apps are trusted automatically, so once you have installed the AODocs Google Workspace Marketplace app, you can restrict third-party apps again and AODocs will function correctly.

If you have set this restriction and you try to install AODocs, you can't sign in and you get this admin_policy_enforced error message:


To authorize third-party apps on your domain:

1. Open the Google Admin console.

2. In the top left menu, select Security, then API controls.


3. Click Manage third party app access.


4. Under Configure new app, select OAuth app name or client ID.


5. In the Configure an OAuth app panel:

  • enter this text:
  • click Search
  • select AODocs


  • select the checkbox with the text and click Select


  • select the checkbox Trusted: Can access all Google services and click Configure


A message appears: AODocs is now trusted to access all Google services. You can now sign in and continue installing AODocs.

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