Force check-out / check-in when editing documents

Check-out is an action that creates a draft version of an AODocs document. A subset of users can update the draft. Other users can’t access the draft, but can access the main version of the document, in read only.

Check-in is an action that converts the draft into a new version of the document. The main version becomes a previous version. 

Learn more: What is check-out / check-in? 

The check-out / check-in feature can be either manual or automated through a workflow. 

As a library administrator, in Secured Folders and Document Management libraries, you can set up how your contributors can use the check-out / check-in feature manually. You can force contributors to use the check-out / check-in process every time they modify a document:

  • If contributors want to update a document, they must check-out the document and update the draft version of the document.
  • If contributors want to display their update to a wider audience, they must check-in the document. 

This option is managed at the document class level.


To keep documents read-only when not checked-out:

1. Open the library administration interface. 

2. Select Document classes.

3. Press the name of the document class you want to configure.

4. In the Security tab, select Documents are read-only when not checked out.

5. Save your changes.


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