AODocs V46 Release notes

Dear AODocs Users,

Please find below a list of the major new features and improvements in AODocs version 46.

Launch details
New features
 Bug fixes
 Coming soon...

Launch details

Rollout pace: Full rollout from 7 March 2018.

Impact: All end-users

New features

Changes to the AODocs homepage

We made several more improvements to the AODocs homepage:

  • You can star libraries and then display only your favorites.
  • You can sort your libraries by the last time you accessed them.
  • You can filter by one or more library type (before AODocs release 46, Team Folders and Secured Folders were grouped together).
  • There are new icons to identify the different library types.
  • The library creation page has been redesigned.


Learn more: What is the AODocs homepage?

Changes to the document page

We made some improvements to the document page:

  • You can view the history of workflow transitions in the Properties panel of a document.


Learn more: Perform workflow actions

  • We migrated more actions to the new action bar, notably the Notify users option. The Notify users pop-up has been enhanced, so you can select specific users or groups with access to the document.


Learn more: Notify users by email

  • When you create a document, if there are mandatory fields (the document title and/or mandatory properties) that haven’t yet been filled in, a progress bar indicates how many mandatory fields remain to be filled in.


Learn more:
Create documents in Document Management libraries
Create documents from a template

  • Library administrators can now customize the help text displayed in String, Integer, Decimal and Person properties to override the default text, for example, Please choose a person here.

Learn more: 
Create documents in Document Management libraries (for end-users)
- Configure help text for custom properties (for administrators)

  • If the locale is en_US, time properties in edit mode are displayed with AM/PM rather than with the 24 hour clock.


  • Before updating a document, you will be notified if the document has been updated by someone else since the last time you refreshed your page.


  • The option Shareable link allows you to share the URL of an AODocs document as a Google URL of its attachment.
    Learn more: Share document attachments as Google Drive URLs
  • In document classes, administrators can customize the sections to display for previous versions differently from the way they’re customized for current versions. For example, you may not want to display the workflow state for previous versions as it’s not relevant.

image07.pngDocument page

image08.pngLibrary administration interface

Learn more:
Manage document versions in an AODocs library (for end-users)
Manage the display of AODocs documents (for administrators)


Improved views

You can now:

  • search for documents that have empty fields for mandatory properties: Incomplete (introduced in release 45)
  • search for documents that have invalid property values - this can occur if a library administrator has introduced a new validation rule or changed an existing one since the property value was set
  • search for documents that have no values for a given field (available in release 46 as an advanced search operator)
  • make the Search in attached files checkbox next to the search bar active by default in Document Management libraries (this behaviour is implicit for Team Folders and Secured Folders)
  • search for groups in multi-valued person fields
  • display only the draft versions of checked-out documents and/or the main versions in views


Learn more: 
- Advanced search operators 
Configure views in your library

Other changes

  • In Document Management libraries, when you create a new file as an attachment, you can create a Google Drawings file.


  • In all library types, you can upload attachments in edit mode.
  • The actions to Publish to the web and Publish to the domain were migrated to the new action bar.
    Learn more: Publish your document.
  • When creating workflow notification emails, you can use new placeholders identifying the version name, version description and last comment added.
    Learn more: Configure workflow notifications.
  • We improved the error message that appears when you try to delete a workflow state which is referenced by a document (or a past version of a document).
  • You can duplicate templates of a document class (attachments in the source template are not copied). 
    Learn more: Configure document templates.
  • The Workflow transition status pop-up showing the status of an on-going parallel transition has been revamped.


Learn more: Perform workflow actions 

Bug fixes

  • Attachments that were renamed during check-out now keep the new name after check-in.
  • The permissions of attachments which have been removed from a draft document are now removed.
  • The version creator role in a workflow (when a draft document is created) is the user who checked-out the document. Before, the version creator was the version creator of the main version, which caused problems for the next workflow transition.
  • The operators “equal”, “not equal” and “contains” now work on any value if the field is multi-valued in workflow transition conditions (notably for String and Category fields).


  • In AODocs release 46 we removed the Draft ${documentTitle} option from the class configuration. (It was already removed for workflow states.)
  • Workflow publication V1 gets closer to full deprecation: the former options can no longer be manually updated except towards migration to V2.

Coming soon...

  • Start improving the UX around the creation of documents (first: create related documents)
  • Ability to have the title field read-only for the whole document life-cycle
  • Ability to customize the name of the first version of the documents (including during copy)
  • Ability to filter on String and Reference catalog fields in views
  • Add description on workflow states
  • Revamp the Roles and Trash sections of the library administration interface
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