Copy a folder structure

In AODocs Team Folders and Secured Folders libraries, you can duplicate an entire folder structure (i.e. a parent folder and all the subfolders nested under it) within the same library. This operation is available to any user who is authorized to create folders in the library.

To copy a folder structure, access an AODocs view and select a single folder in the view (1). Click on the “More actions” button (2) and select the option “Copy folder tree” (3).

Copying a folder structure

A small pop-up appears prompting for the name of the new folder structure (4).

After you have entered a name, click on “Copy” (5) to launch the copy of the folder tree.

Launching the folder structure copy

Once the copy has started, AODocs will copy the folder structure and place the copy in the parent folder of the folder you have selected for the copy. For example if the top folder you want to copy is located in a parent folder named “HR documents”, the copied folder structure will be placed in the same “HR documents” parent folder.

The following limitations apply to the folder structure copy:

  • the folder structure copy does not copy the documents contained in the source folder and subfolders, it only copies the folder structure;
  • the folder copy is limited to a structure of 200 folders maximum. If you try to copy more than 200 folders, an error message will be displayed and you will not be able to start the copy;
  • the folder structure copy process can only copy the folders for which you have access: it will ignore the folders that you cannot see (and these folders will not be counted in the limit of 200 folders);
  • the existing permissions of the source folder tree are ignored: the new folders created by the copy process get the same sharing permissions as the parent folder where they are created.
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