What are categories?

A category is a type of custom property in an AODocs document. Learn more: Create and configure custom properties.

A category is composed of a set of values, for example, a list of electronic products or countries. Users can select from the predefined category values in a drop-down list when a document is in edit mode.

Library administrators can create and configure categories. Category value managers can configure categories once they've been created by an administrator. Learn more: What are roles?


Category values can have several hierarchical sublevels. For example, the category Country may have three sublevels: Region, Country and City/Town.


A list of category values can be dynamic. This means that contributors can add new values to the predefined list. Alternatively, the list can be frozen and contributors can only select values from the predefined list.


Categories are created at the library level and can be assigned to several custom properties in the same document class or to different document classes.

A category can be mandatory, hidden or have multiple values. Learn more: Configure custom property settings.


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