Manage the views in your library

A view is a page which displays a set of documents from your library. You can define the properties and filters to sort the documents. These filters can be based on the nature of the library, workflow states or other settings that may be relevant for users.

This article explains how to create and organize your views:

Access the views in your library
Create or clone a view
Modify a view
Delete a view

Read Configure views for details on how to set the parameters for a view.

- When creating a document class in a Document management library, a view “All documents” is created by default.
- When creating Team Folders and Secured Folders libraries, a document class “Document” and a view “ All documents” are created by default.
- “All documents” displays the documents associated to the first class created.

Access the views in your library

1. Open the library to configure.

2. Select the “Library administration” option.

3. In the “Library Configuration” section, click “Views”.

Create or clone a view

Create a view

1. In the “View name” table, click “Add new value”.

2. Enter the name of your view.


3. Select the document class in which the view will be configured.
    The new view is automatically saved.

Note: If you have only one document class in your library, it will be selected automatically.


Clone a view

1. Select the view to clone.

2. Click “Clone”.
    The cloned view is automatically saved.

Note: When cloning an existing view, all its settings are copied.


Modify a view

Rename a view

1. Click the “Edit” button of a view.


2. Enter the new name.
    Your changes are automatically saved.

Set a default view

1. Select the view to set as default.

2. Click the checkbox "Default".

Note: The default view, is the selected view in 2 cases. From the library homepage, the search are made in the default view. When a user access a Secured or Team Folder from the library selection page, the default view is directly displayed. 


Change the order of the views

You can move the order of the views. This change is automatically visible from the library homepage.

1. Select the view to move.

2. Move your view using a drag-and-drop action.
    Your changes are automatically saved.

Delete a view

1. Select the view to delete.

2. Click “Delete”.


3. Click “Delete” to confirm your action.
    Your changes are automatically saved.

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