Search for documents across all your libraries

Use the cross-library search bar at the top of your AODocs homepage to search for documents across all your AODocs libraries using Google Drive. 

Important: This article is for Google users only. The search bar is hidden for Microsoft users because only Google Drive documents appear in the search results.

This article explains how to search for documents in all your libraries using Google Drive:

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What shows up in the search?

When you use the cross-library search bar on the AODocs homepage:

  • documents stored in non-Drive based libraries such as Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage never appear in the search results
  • only documents in libraries using Google Drive to which you have access are listed
  • documents in libraries using Google Drive that have restricted visibility for your user type are listed – for example, if you're a reader in a library with the visibility restriction Hidden from readers, the search results show documents from this library

Run a search

1. Enter one or more keywords and click the search button.

Note: The cross-library search allows keyword searches only. Searching for properties (or metadata) is possible only when searching for documents within a library


The result shows a list of documents corresponding to the keyword you entered. They are displayed with the columns Title, Last update, Last update author and Library name.

2. To open a document, click its title. 

You can also open a library by clicking its name. You are directed to the library homepage.


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  • I need to find out how to add metadata to a document, and to know if I have to do anything special with uploading the document in order to add the metadata.

    I've spent about 45 minutes so far searching for this information.

    I need a table of contents / index of the tutorials / help texts so I can look for what I'm needing, because the natural language search is *not* getting me what I want to find.

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  • Hi Debra,
    You will first need to have some metadata configured on your document class of your library:

    Once they are configured any contributor to your document class should be able to use them.

    Keep in mind that:
    "The cross-library search allows keyword searches only. Searching for properties (or metadata) is possible only when searching for documents within a library."

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