Configure a category hierarchy

AODocs supports hierarchical categories, where the category values are organized in a “tree” with multiple levels. For example, a category representing geographical locations could have three levels, with a top level indicating the country, a first sublevel indicating the state, and a third level indicating the city: in this case, “San Francisco” would be represented by a hierarchical value “USA” > “California” > “San Francisco”.

AODocs categories can have as many levels as required by the application. By default, a newly created category has only one level and other levels can be added by editing the list of values as explained below.
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Create category sublevel

To create category sublevels, open the library administration interface, select “Categories” (1), choose a category in the category list and click on “Define values” (2).

Opening the category configuration page

Then, click on the category value in which you would like to create a sublevel (3).

Manually creating a sublevel in a category

A pop-up will ask you to enter a name for the new category level. Enter the name of the new sublevel (4) and click “OK” (5).

Creating a category sublevel

The name of the new sublevel will appear in the breadcrumbs (6). You can add more values by clicking on “Add new value” (7).

Adding values for category sublevels

You can use the breadcrumbs (8) to go back to a parent level, or click on a subcategory value (9) to create a new sublevel.

You can also remove a sublevel value by clicking on the "Delete" button.

Subcategory configuration page

Remove the category sublevels

Once all the sublevel values are removed, the sublevel category still exists. To remove it, access to the category main page using the breadcrumbs, then click on the button "Remove empty sublevels" (10). 

Note: Only the sublevel category without any value are removed.

Category display in the AODocs editor

When editing the properties of a document (as shown in the animated image below), the document editor will display a selection box for each level of the category. The values in the selection box will depend on the selected value in the parent level (for example, if you select “USA” at the “Country” level, then the “States / Provinces” level selection box will contain the list of US states, but if you change the selected country to “Canada”, the “States / Provinces” selection box will contain the list of Canada provinces).

Using categories and sublevels in the properties of a document

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