Access the library administration

The library administration is an interface specific to each library. Library administrators can access it to configure library settings and manage daily activities on the library.

Note: AODocs super administrators can access all library administration interfaces.

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Access the library administration

1. Open the library homepage.

2. To open the administration interface of a library, open the Administration menu on the right side of the blue ribbon and select Library administration. The library administration interface opens.


Overview of the library administration

The library administration interface has four sections:

  • Library configuration section: lets you configure your library. This includes your document classes, views, workflows, relations and security settings.
  • Library administration section: lets you manage deleted or locked documents, consult ongoing jobs and the library audit log.
  • Library Administration header: lets you switch domains and libraries, open the library homepage, access the AODocs documentation website, display the AODocs version and log out.
  • Quick Help widget: lets you access articles from the AODocs documentation directly in the library administration interface. You can also contact the AODocs Support team directly in this interface.

Learn more: What is the library administration?


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